Epochal Poet - Dr Kumar VishwasThe people who make history are the ones who not only give their life to their career but also give their career a new life. When the career is that of a poet, every step is a risk. Kumar Vishwas is one such poet who has gifted himself an era of such a popularity which other poets cant’t even dream of. It has been possible only because he possesses the courage, wit and perseverance required to tame one’s destiny. The beginning of his poetic career was nothing short of a blind aim. It takes great deal of pluckiness to drop the course of engineering and pursue the passion of literature against the will of one’s family. He did all this to dedicate himself entirely to literature and rest is history. It has been more than a decade of his professional life as a poet and his charm is only increasing with each passing second. His most celebrated couplet ‘Koi D​eewana ​K​ehta ​H​ai…’, made him the heartthrob of the youth and established him as the most renowned and celebrated Indian poet. His grip over romanticism, flavored with his wit makes him stand apart but is not merely confined to it. The treasures that his pen has yielded cover wide range of notions viz., social issues, atrocities against women and women empowerment, philosophies of life and also those brimming with patriotic fervor. Collectively speaking, his poems are a mirror to society. He writes and sings his poems on stage with a bleeding passion. Few of his poems has also been recorded as songs encapsulated in albums. He is also serving as a lyricist in the Bollywood industry. For a bollywood project, his verse has been recorded in the voice of none other than Aasha Bhosle. He has broken the stereotypes and has not merely confined himself to writing poems and stage shows. He is also active in social media, constantly writing and commenting on the happenings in the society. There is a huge fan following of his wit among the netizens as well. He has been conferred with many poetic laurels and is an elite name in the field of Hindi literature. His achievements make him incredible and he stands unrivalled since years. Hindi literature owes a lot to him for writing a new saga in the field of poetry.